Handheld Field Communicator for pH & ORP sensors with Direct Smart Sensor technology

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  • Lightweight & portable
  • Calibrate & configure sensors at any location
  • Interfaces with all types of DSS direct smart digital
  • Access real-time data directly from the sensor
  • Quick connect cable
  • Offset calibrations available
  • Input data ranges & max resolution
  • 3 Calibration points for optimal accuracy at any pH
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation for pH measurement
  • Specifically designed for Turtle Tough SMART Series pH & ORP sensors

Product Description

Combine Turtle Tough Handheld Field Communicator with any of the pH & ORP sensors from our SMART series and you will have a true plug and play low maintenance installation.

Calibrate and configure at any location retaining all values
Portable 9V battery powered communicator to calibrate & configure DSS direct smart sensors with digital MODBUS RTU output at any location desired while still retaining all values stored including the last calibration performed.

Intelligent Software
The intelligent software on the DSS communicator autodetects sensor type connected & loads the appropriate options such that one communicator can interface all possible types of DSS smart digital MODBUS sensors.

Access to real-time data in no time
With the digital MODBUS RTU you will have access to all information that is available from the communicator:
• Real-time data acquisition of measured process parameter (pH or ORP)
• Temperature
• All calibrations & diagnostic details about the installed DSS smart digital sensor for intelligent remote management & troubleshooting capabilities

Quick connect cables to 1,000 meters
• NEMA 6P & IP67 rated waterproof
• QCD quick connect plugs for rugged field use

Input Data ranges and max resolution for pH & ORP measurements
• pH range of -2 to +16 with 0.001pH max resolution
• ORP range of ±1000 or ±2000mV; 0.1mV max resolution
• Temperature range of -40°C to +210°C; 0.1°C max resolution

3 Calibration points for optimal accuracy at any pH
Perform 1-point offset anywhere in the range. Slope calibrations are automatically assigned for acidic (-2 to +7) or alkaline (7 to 16) pH ranges yielding a 3-point point overall calibration scheme with a dual slope for optimal accuracy at any pH (can be very important for batch systems).