Cyanide ISE System

  • Ideal for Cyanide detox / destruction monitoring
  • Ulta-low ppm measurement
  • NO moving parts, pumps, filters or reagents required
  • Real-time instantaneous results
  • Continuous in-line measurement

Product Description

The Turtle Tough Cyanide System utilises a hand crafted, Ion Selective Sensor to provide a low cost, low maintenance solution to permanent inline monitoring of cyanide. Employing a dual channel analyser, this system simultaneously measures and compensates for pH and temperature.

Capable of measuring 0 – 5ppm and accurately below 0.05ppm of free Cyanide, the Cyanide CN-100L system is ideal for monitoring cyanide destruction and detoxification process for discharge into water ways.

For higher levels of cyanide detection, our Turtle Tough CN-1100H is designed specifically for cyanide tailings discharge between 0 – 50ppm.

The simplicity of this solid state sensor technology eliminates the need for pumps, filters, chemical addition, reagents, titrations or complex maintenance. Not surprisingly, it greatly reduces the cost as well.

Product Documents