ISE Sensor for Ammonium


The TT-GP-NH4-6013 is the ONLY Ammonium (NH4+) ion selective sensor that can be:

  • Used in heavy industrial process and wastewater treatment system
  • Provides measurements up to saturated ammonium levels
  • Operate continuously at temperatures up to 50°C
  • Fully submersible without the use of any standpipe or immersion tubes
  • RADEL with Double O-Ring Front End & 3/4″ MNPT Back End
  • Hot-tap insertion valve retractable assembly (up to 10 psi); or
  • Sanitary assembly and tri-clover fitting (up to 10 psi)
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Sulphide Resistant
  • Slurry Resistant (High Abrasion)
  • High Capacity HDPE Reference (KYNAR optional)
  • Proprietary toughened glass
  • Sensor holder and valve retractable assembly sold separately

Product Description

TT-GP-NH4-6013 ISE Sensor for Ammonium

The Turtle Tough Ammonium ion selective electrode is designed for valve retractable and sanitary use with double o-ring seals and 3/4″ MNPT back end thread. It is the ONLY Ammonium (NH4 ) ion selective sensor that can be used in heavy industrial processes and wastewater treatment systems, providing measurements up to saturated levels and can operateammonium-ise continuously at temperatures up to 60°C.

Turtle Tough provides an unrivalled and proven solution for Ammonium measurement. The ISE sensor is capable of measuring from 0.090 to 18,000 ppm (5X10-6 to 1.0 Molar) and its lowest limit of detection is 0.004 ppm (5X10-7 Molar). It will operate over a broad pH range from 2.5 to 11.

For applications where the pH is above 8.0, a pH sensor is added to the analyser to provide compensation of both pH and temperature. The sum of the measured unbound ammonium ions and dissolved ammonia gas formed must be computed as a function of both real-time continuous pH & temperature parameters.

Our valve retractable sensor is uniquely designed to interface with both our hot-tap insertion valve retractable assembly or our sanitary fitting.

Osubmersible_ammonium_ion_selective_sensorur hot-tap assemblies are a common feature in industries where direct access to the process is required inline or in-tank without interruption to service.

Shown LEFT in full submersible configuration.

Before proceeding further, it is recommended to review the following technical documents that describe the general provisions for online ion selective measurements.
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TTMA-multichannel-analyser-3 270x334Analyser

The TT-GP-NH4 interfaces with the TT-MA ISE Modular Analyser. The unique modular design enables you to create a fully functional, multi-parameter analyser with any combination of different TT-MA analytical modules.

The TT-MA Analyser modules have the following features:

  • Scale 4-20mA analogue output is standard for all measurement modules. Active 4-20mA can support remote external displays to allow for viewing measured values in control panels, secondary field locations, or instrumentation shops.
  • Modbus digital output optional.
  • Precise factory-calibrated linear analogue output allows excellent use in control applications. All analogue outputs have built-in trim calibration support, including both offset and span adjustments.
  • Calibration of temperature compensation element is available for all measurement modules.
  • Economical Custom Configurations offer the freedom to pay only for the specific modules you need; pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Selective (ISE) and temperature.
  • Easy to use simple and intuitive three-button operation with no complex codes to memorize for most day-to-day tasks.
  • Easy to read displays with bright three-digit LED displays are visible even in bright sunlight and do not suffer from the common problems associated with LCD displays, such as environmental fatigue and wear.
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X CSA/UL rated & IP65 enclosures include high quality sealing cable glands that are ideal for weatherproof sealing on a sensor, power, and output cables.
  • Power supply is CSA/UL/CE approved universal 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply module for line powered operation, or 3-wire 24VDC powered operation.